So this week Rex told me it’s his dream to have a Youtube Channel. Of course (or maybe not of course) he is not getting one, but he thinks he is. I promise him some special time each day when him and I can play Legos in his room in front of a 2001 Cannon video camera propped on his night stand on top of some books. He picks out the perfect outfit, gives himself a strange inaudible pep-talk and away we go…

Me: Hey Kids! I’m Rex’s mom and we are going to build some rescue vehicles. What should we build first, Rex?

Rex: Why don’t you ask the Youtubers.

Me: Oh, great idea! Kids, what would you guys like to see us build?

Rex: Comment down below in the comments!


Oh! Yeah! Comment right on down there in the fucking comments! What the fuck?!?! He told me, “I really hope we get a lot of likes, Mom” Which made me want to cry and throw up and throw my phone away and move to a weird farm in Maine with no WiFi. But instead I decided to stay living in my current house, keep my phone, and write about it on my Blog. Pfffffffff.

Speaking of, I am taking my whackedness to the next level and I am getting into ASMR. Yeah. I am. Matt wants to kill me but the past two nights I have been able to calm my mind (for maybe the first time ever) by listening to a crazy whispering brunette before I fell asleep.

Gotta be honest, not a huge fan of the whispering. But, start scratching a broken cork coaster and tapping on the lid of your daily moisturizer, and I am HOOKED. It was like, “oh, this is weird….hmmm, this is definitely odd….oh….um….(leaves planet and flies onto a rainbow of zen)…bye".”


So, Holy February Vacation, AM I RIGHT?! If it is any indication of what summer has in store for me, I will be stocking up on Advil, and booze, and babysitting money. No, it’s actually been pretty good but Matt was off on Monday and I worked on Wednesday so I don’t even know if any of it counts. But in case you are dying to know what we have been doing to fill our extra time at home, it has been a combination of playing with wrestling guys, watching wrestling, practicing our wrestling ring entrances, and organizing and fake trading baseball cards. And Bizzy has a new babysitter—he is big and purple and is a dinosaur and is a fucking life saver. Oh, and we also made Snow Cream with the kids as a really special healthy family treat. I’ll post the recipe below. LOVE YAZ.

Snow Cream:

1 scoop cleanish snow

1 two second long pour of milk (cow or breast)

1 squeeze chocolate syrup

1 scoop of whatever else you have in the house that might take them a while to open/eat so that the activity lasts longer (ie: pistachios, wrapped Hershey kisses, old extra-chewy fruit snacks, etc.)