Raise Your Hand

The boys' new favorite game in the car is "Raise your hand".  You know, "Raise your hand if...." whatever.  Thrilling, I know.  Well yesterday we were playing and it was Rex's turn. 

"Okay, raise your hand if you have yellow teeth!"

(No one does anything)

"Mom! DO IT!!"

Just in case you were wondering why I have such high self-esteem.

Anyway, we have been staying with my parents for a week now and it's been really great because the majority of the day Rocky is just trying to get me to leave.  He wakes up in the morning screaming at me because my mom is at work, he doesn't listen to anything I say because "it's not my house" and everyone is on a strictly chocolate milk, white chocolate chips, and cheese stick diet because "that's what we eat Gigi's!!!!!!!"  At this point no one has shit in like four days.


The bruins are in the playoffs which is so cool guys because I am a huge Boston sports nut.  Matt let Rex stay up for the first quarter of the last game that started at 8pm.  He said it didn't matter that it was so late because Rex was SO excited to watch the game and he didn't want to let him down.  Well Rex watched the puck drop and then wandered into the other room and watched the Bachelorette (DVR'd) with my mom and I.  #TEAMCONNOR #MOMILIKETHEBOXGUY


Rex is playing baseball now which is cool but also kinda dumb because baseball is excruciatingly boring.  He gets fired up to wear the gear but is making sand castles in the infield shortly into the first inning.  But don’t worry, he is full Rex D when those three outs come and it's time to run back into the dug out.  That’s his big moment, baby! After being on Jupiter for the entire inning, kicking dirt and catching butterflies, he is full intensity for that run back in.  "LET'S GOOOO!!!!!!!!!" fist pumping, red-faced, and completely and truly insane.  And after the game when he waits in line and gets his big league chew at the snack stand?!  Might as well be MVP.

Of course seeing Rex all baseballed out made Rocky want “his own thing to do with kids he doesn’t know.” He picked gymnastics and quit after a week “because it wasn’t gymnasticsy enough.”


Nailed the handstand though.