Another Win for the Home Team.

Getting Rocky to do anything these days is an extreme challenge.  No matter what we are doing, something inevitably doesn't go his way and he takes a straight shot into the stratosphere and goes truly crazy.  I am talking screaming, kicking, yelling, stomping, crying.  Some things that have set him off this week include but are definitely not limited to his goggles being foggy, his fruit loops not looping onto a straw the right way, his sock seams being too close to his toes, his banana not being "banana-y enough", my eyes being green and not blue, and bizzy's sticky fingers.  And Rex wants a three-ringed circus and ten friends over everyday and Bizzy is smacking me in the face. I can not stress this enough in this moment---I AM OVERWHELMED AND FEELING CRAZY.  I am fighting a losing battle all day, everyday


And back to Rocky—he just keeps getting weirder. These days, when he gets really mad he does this crazy Grinch face and stomps his feet and yells at me in a really mean voice, "OKAY, YOU BARCODE!"  or "I'm not listening to you anymore, BARCODE!"


And the other day in the car he pipes up from the back seat, "Mom!  When we get home can I watch something on TV with big muscle guys?  With their shirts off?" ....uhhh, what?  "Like, girlfriend and boyfriend stuff.  With their shirts off."  What? Why?  "Mom! I don't know why, okay? But I just love that stuff!"  Ehhhhh kayyyy.

And for my favorite mom moment of the week, when I felt really proud of the job I am doing and the kids I am raising---we were at the playground after school with a few kids from Rex's class and they were playing tag. 


Rex and another boy wanted one of the adorable little girls to be "it" but she didn't really want to participate, so she was standing by her mom.  I was trying to make sure Bizzy didn't die as she was hanging from a monkey bar swinging and screaming at me whenever I tried to touch her when heard Rex yelling to the little girl, "Come on!! You can't get me!! Come get me!! Come and smell my balls!"

I'll just leave that right there.  Just to make you all feel better than me.  You're welcome.