Yard Sale

School is here and fall activities and holy shit there really should be some kind of pre-fall period of time where we can all adjust slowly to this shift because I feel like I have been shot out of a cannon into a world of alarm clocks and soccer games and school lunches and PTO newsletters overnight! Hopefully I will settle into the school year routine quickly, but right now I look as tired and disheveled as I feel and lemme tell ya, it ain’t good. #NOFILTER #HOTGIRLSUMMER

We are still fighting the Bizzy sleep battle HARD over here. We have the crib mattress on the floor and the sleep sack on backwards and it works sometimes and other times she manages to Houdini herself out somehow. She’s also refusing naps at the same time, conveniently, and she has A LOT of will power. What she doesn’t know, is that I do too. Yesterday we were at a screaming stand-off for a full hour before she finally gave in and fell asleep sitting up.

Score one for the home team.

And over in penis land…both boys are playing soccer this year. Rocky’s first game/practice was canceled, so he has yet to hit the field, but Rex is one practice and one game in. As expected, the enthusiasm is unmatched. Lots of fist pumping, high fives, chants, attempted huddles, etc. from the big guy. Also never a shortage of crowd eye contact and waving—gotta play for the fans. And I will tell ya, with the new haircut and the eight year old build, the kid looks like David Beckham. And I always say, #yalookgoodyaplaygood amiright?!

Anyway—our neighors had a yard sale over the weekend and Rex was blessed with my consumer gene. The kid has very literally never seen an object that he doesn’t like. I brought home two new pillows from target yesterday and he acted like it was Christmas Morning. Anyway—I held him off as long as I could before I finally gave in and let him walk over to check out the goods. I watched as he picked EVERYTHING up to check it out—a doll, a stained glass wall hanging, an old telephone—thanks to my generous neighbor and his consumer appetite I knew that if I didn’t intervene we were going to own the whole lot. I walked over and set a limit on the number of things he could take. And here is what we ended up with…


Five Boston sports pennants and a pair of my neighbor’s late mother-in-law’s gold clip-on earrings. God dammit, the kid has good taste.